“Because You’re Worth It!”

Hey Perfectors,

These are all my must have L’Oréal products for those on a budget or just wanting a flawless finish!

True Match Foundation – £9.99

The best way to describe this product is the high street dupe for Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Sheer glow is a very expensive foundation, at £32, it is not a product I can often justify so I was determined to find a cheaper alternative! When I was recommended this product I had to see what the fuss was about, and found it was fully justified. The wide range of shades within this product makes it perfect for all skin tones. My skin varies from normal to dry, which this foundation accommodates well through its hydrating properties. The coverage itself is medium, but definitely buildable to give you are more airbrushed finish. This product definitely creates that flawless and dewy base which is perfect for all makeup looks.


Nude Magique CC Cream-£9.99

Initially when Ii came across this product I wasn’t that willing to pay nearly £10 for it, when I pay the same for their foundation, yet I bit the bullet and did it – a decision I don’t regret! This is the perfect alternative for foundation, on those days you don’t want to do makeup but want to hide those blemishes. The mint green colouring of this product is at first a little bizarre but it is used to counteract the redness of paler skin. This product is definitely no con and works incredibly well as it adapts to all fair skin tones, just giving a little bit of coverage to boost the confidence of a ‘no makeup day.’


Infallible Primer Matte Base – £7.99

My favourite primer of all time is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer but unless I get it from duty-free I refuse to buy it as £25 is a lot of money. So I hunted the high street and found this primer, and I have now been converted! The infallible range has recently been widely absolutely raved about and after using this product I cannot wait to try more of their line. I worried that as my skin becomes more dry this would emphasise those patches, but it just provides the perfect blank canvas on which to apply your foundation. I know many people are a little sceptical of primers and whether they make a difference, but this one noticeably makes my makeup stay in place for longer

Elvive Extraordinary Oil – £9.99

Around 3 years ago I found this product and today it still remains a critical part of my post hair washing regime. This oil completely revitalises my hair after using any heat products on it. Applying it from mid-length to your ends completely nourishes and softens any dry or damaged areas of your hair. You can use this product before or after shampooing but I tend to use it after I’ve towel dried my hair as that has been the most effective method for me. The smell is something that also attracts me to this product as it smells almost vanilla-like and the aroma remains for at least 2 days. This product is probably at the maximum price I would pay as I use it in conjunction with other products but I can assure you it is worth the money, as only using a few drops each time makes it last a very long time.



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  1. Hannah Pyatt says:

    I use the extraordinary oil it’s so good! 🙂

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