Olaplex, My Hair Journey and Glitterati:

Hey Perfectors,

Many of my followers will remember my first blog: Goodbye to bad hair days when the wonderful Beth and the Glitterati team completely transformed my hair following a horrendous ombre episode. Beth managed to create a sensational balayage with no evidence of my previously platinum blonde ends.


Over the last three months my hair colour has looked incredible, but as the colour started to fade my natural red undertones started to peek through, so it was time for Beth to work her magic once again. I specifically requested the same colours as last time!


The impact of all this bleaching to my hair has caused it to be a lot drier than I was used to and I was desperate to restore its condition in any way possible. This is when Beth recommended Olaplex!

Olaplex aims to reconnect broken disulfide sulphur bonds that have been damaged by chemical (bleaching of hair), mechanical & thermal (straightening, curling, blow-drying or perming hair) treatments.

Hair contains certain proteins where the amino acid cysteine contains sulphur atoms. The proteins in our hair create the shape and strength – when the disulphide bonds are broken by chemical or thermal processes it forms a new shape.

Olaplex contains a single active ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex repairs hair by finding single sulphur-hydrogen bonds and linking them back together to form disulfide bonds, repairing continuously after service.

There are three steps to the Olaplex treatment:

  1. Bond Multiplier – During my treatment this was mixed into the hair dye
  2. Bond Perfector- Which is applied once the bleached has been rinsed out and was left for 20 minutes to optimise the chemical mending
  3. Hair Perfector – I decided against performing this final step as not only was it an additional cost but I could already notice the astonishing difference that I felt no need to do it at home as well.

In simpler terms, avoiding all expert knowledge and scientific reasoning, Olaplex has completely transformed my hair. Although this is my first treatment the results are phenomenal!

Noticeable differences include:

  • Softer
  • Glossier
  • Better colour retention

Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ALBoKZjoo

I would highly recommend using Olaplex and will continue to let you guys know the products I’ve been using to prolong my hairs healthiness and colour.

If you live in the Surrey area I couldn’t recommend Glitterati highly enough! Their hairdressing talent is phenomenal and their warm welcoming nature makes the overall experience a complete luxury.

Be sure to check out:

Youtube: Perfection from Within

Instagram: Sammy Husselbury

Glitterati: http://www.glitteratihairandbeauty.com

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