Goodbye to bad hair days!

Hey Perfectors,

I am finally back again! Its been a long break but exams are over, my birthday is coming up and that means one thing…. A good old pamper session!

As you will remember I had my hair done back in March –  Not only had 7 inches off but also decided to change the colour with the popular ombre style. After falling in love with the length I thought I was extremely happy with the colour, I cannot deny it looked incredible when curled but when straight I was totally unhappy with it. That’s potentially an understatement; it looked horrendous. After having it heavily bleached, I didn’t want to risk damaging my hair even more with more dye, but it just wasn’t what I wanted, originally having asked for balayage. I went back the following week to try and achieve more of a balayage effect. They suggested I have highlights on top of the already ombre hair. It looked horrific and despite people trying to reassure me, my hair was a total disaster.

After waiting almost three months to have my hair disaster fixed I plucked up the courage and went to the popular Weybridge Salon, Glitterati. This was a frightening experience for me as I’m afraid of change; but having been to Glitterati for beauty salon services I was confident in the friendliness and talent of the staff who worked there.

Before I show you ‘the look’ I recognise that my hair looks horrific in the ‘before’ pictures, but I cannot begin to thank Beth (my stylist) enough with this finished look.


To ensure I was completely happy, and that my needs were met, they suggested I should come for a consultation in which Beth agreed that some serious work had to be done to improve my current look. I couldn’t believe that the exact vision I had in mind was the masterpiece Beth could create. After a three-hour marathon, Beth produced the most incredible results and her attention to detail was immaculate, with every section of hair tended to. She not only produced an incredible colour but her blow dry was unbelievable!


If you have a hair disaster or any hair queries in the Surrey area you must attend this salon! The friendliest experience from the moment I walked in, to the second I left with multiple staff making me feel fabulous with several compliments from junior and senior staff.


Glitterati you are my miracle salon! I cannot wait to see you on Friday for my birthday Blow Dry!


Glitterati website:

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  1. lexilife says:

    Gorgeous!! I always feel like I need a blow-dry EVERY DAY after going to the salon, so addictive haha xx

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