The Road to Perfection

Hey Perfectors,

So what is perfection? Our lives are centred on the media and more specifically celebrities, who are scrutinised daily on their appearance most commonly by the public, by people like you and me. The main reason for this is because similarly we judge ourselves and, in teenagers, the biggest insecurity they face is on their appearance and trying to conform. These insecurities on body image arise from this delusional ideal of ‘perfection’ portrayed by the media. I write this blog as if I have come to terms with my own insecurities but I write these posts with the aim to conquer these anxieties with you.

As an 18 year old student, my lifestyle can often be a little crazy and not always the healthiest. Yet I have changed my eating habits and exercise regime to try and balance the night life with a healthy way of living to try and improve my body image. Although I have managed to eliminate some of my insecurities, I know like many, you always look for better. This blog will provide you with delicious meal ideas, excellent exercise tips with professional sporting expertise, whilst reminding you of those essential treats and days off that will optimise your transformation on the road to ‘perfection from within’.

I will join you in the process showing you my results and being realistic on the challenges that we will face.

One of the key things to remember in this process is “One bad day will not jeopardise the process, much like one good day won’t work miracles”

Good Luck

Sammy x

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